Picture taken during Pamela’s past “Narwhal” expedition in the High Canadian Arctic

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Art sales, interior design consultations & bookings for events


  • Inspirational art for nature lovers
  • Visual tool for an enhanced meditation experience
  • Motivational photography for your personal development



Lectures, workshops and one-on-one appointments


  • Learn how to listen to the language of Mother Earth
  • Open up to your inner wisdom and welcome the full essence of who you are
  • Enhance your well-being while expanding to your truest self


The ELEMENTS Card Deck is available for purchase at $55. Place your orders today!
The 31-day video package is available at $444 as a promotion for the first 50 people. “ELEMENTS” Deck included. After that, the price for the 31-day video program is $495, inclusive of your wisdom card deck.


email: pamela@pamelapeeters.com
telephone : 917 696 6264


    31-day video package